5 things we all need to know about Serena Williams fianc.

The internet has not stopped buzzing with excitement since Serena Williams announced her engagement. Question remains though, who is the man behind the high score with the all-star athlete's heart? Stop cracking your skull and go through the following points of what we know about Williams' new fiancé.

1. He’s educated.

The 32-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y. native is a University of Virginia graduate who majored in History, graduated with a B.S. in Commerce and minored in German.

2. He is a successful businessman.

In 2005, Ohanian and fellow UVA alum Steve Huffman co-founded the website which acts as an online social sharing platform for everything from book chat to viral jokes. Seriously, it covers communities around everything under the sun.

3. He's obviously loaded.

According to Heavy, Ohanian net worth hits a whopping $4 million. Wow!

4. His beard is a work of art.

It seems like Serena took the quote: ‘’ladies, if your man has a beard raise your hands, if not, raise your standards’’ way too seriously. Her new fiancé is no exception!

5. He is her biggest fan.

On Instagram, Alexis makes sure that his comments stand out. He makes sure that his woman gets all the compliments before other men do, what a smart way of keeping your woman happy!

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