5 things you need to know about Minnie Dlaminis bae.

Minnie Dlamini caused a stir on social media and on Cassper’s heart by announcing her engagement to a mystery man, Quinton Jones. While many people know only his name, we decided to do some digging on the man that knelt before Minnie Dlamini and flashed a diamond ring and to our surprise, he’s quite a catch.

The following 5 things about Quinton Jones will shock you:

1.He is a producer and director at Urban Brew studios, the stable that produces shows like Real Goboza. He also a Manchester United fanatic.


2.He’s a neat freak.

While many men believe that it is a woman’s duty to do the chores in the house, Quinton is reportedly a hand-on man who cleans up very nicely after dinner.

3.Associates himself with those on the same mission as him.

In order to strengthen his relationship with Minnie, Quinton is friends with another celebrity couple, Psyfo and Hulisani Ravele.

4.Loves to cook.

Women always say that ‘’the only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’’ but truth of a matter is, the rule also applies to women, ask Minnie.

5.He was previously dating Pearl Thusi.

*Sigh*, we better leave the commenting on this one to our loyal readers.

Picture credits: The Edge

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