At Entertainment SA, we take our entertainment news seriously. While it may seem like all we’re doing is uncovering celeb feuds and sharing Twitter battles, we’re in fact, all about creating refined content for an age and economic group which has incredible buying power.

We’ve found the winning recipe for success in these age groups – reactive, up-to-the-minute content that ensures users return again and again to consume their news.

Fans follow us to find out about the freshest fashion, food, and financial fads, and check out the latest crazes, cribs, and cars. We cover a range of topics, updated daily, from lifestyle news to intelligent financial advice. These include health, travel, food, love and sex, tech, parenting, décor, investments and savings, education, and career.

We aim to be their go-to celeb, entertainment, and lifestyle news site.
For businesses and advertisers, this leads to endless opportunities to appear directly in front of an audience that is notoriously difficult to create a connection with.

Our mission is to make Entertainment SA the first and last thing users look at on their phones every day to stay informed. Your business could be there when a potential customer opens their eyes in the morning and again when they close them at night.

At Entertainment SA, we can give you the ideal platform for your content, where you don’t go to your audience – they come to you.

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