Actress Flo Masebe fears for her son going back to school with Covid19 spreading

Actress Flo Masebe is a bit unsettled and fears for her son going back to school during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, especially with the increase in number of infections in Gauteng. She also took to Twitter to weigh in her opinion on the heated debate about the re-opening of schools.

The debate on whether or not should re-open has become a trending topic in the country, as a lot of parents fear that their children, might be exposed to the virus at school.

The veteran actress also happens to be asthmatic and she said her son is part of the group which is expected to return back to school on the 8th, but due to her condition, it’s very hard to decide. As people with a delicate asthma problem, may be at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19, Flo said it is a tough decision to make.

A lot of people on Twitter responded to her post and a lot of them said they are not sending their kids to school, and they are even going to de-register them for the 2020 academic year soon. Some even advised her to not send her child to school because, she is at a risk higher of battling with the virus. Most parents are currently taking on home schooling as a way forward for the rest of the year.

Main Image: Elegance 7