Actress Vatiswa Ndara goes part ways with Muvhango

The working environment can prove to be quite a daunting experience, especially when one gets into trouble for questioning the systems in place.

An individual that allegedly found herself in such a situation is veteran actress, Vatiswa Ndara.

SABC 2’s leading soapie, Muvhango parted ways with Vatiswa. This move, by the powers that be, was allegedly influenced by Vatiswa’s probing nature. 

After a series of off-screen questioning episodes by Vatiswa, the writing team was ordered to write off her on-screen character, Moliehi Zikalala.

Several sources spoke to the publication, where a strong correlation of allegations regarding Vatiswa’s probing nature was at the peak of some of the issues that led to the soapie writing her off. One source stated the following:

According to reporters, Vatiswa engaged in unending probing escapades. These actions from the legendary actress rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way, which ultimately and unfortunately led to her dismissal from the show.

“Vatiswa is a professional and is used to doing things according to the book. But she was at odds with some people and questioned many things. The source continued to add: “Her questioning of things was interpreted as her questioning other people’s authority.”

Another source added that there was an alleged beef with Dingaan Mokebe kaKhumalo, who portrays the character of Vati’s on-screen husband, James Motsamai.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen Vatiswa Ndarabeing hailed as a heroine for actors in South Africa. The former Igazi actress was the trending topic for two weeks ago on social media platforms and again last week. She bravely tackled the issue of actors being underpaid, amongst other thorny subjects within the Arts.

The minister of Arts and Culture has since met with Vatiswa and many are eagerly waiting to hear what the outcome of the meeting will be.

Will it birth a new era of sensible legislation in the Arts? Well, we’re going to have to wait and see.

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