8 Tips for landing a job in Canada

  1. Job search- It is important to search about the industry or field you would like to venture into. It is important to narrow down your job search, whether you are an expert in your field or just starting, narrow your focus to a particular industry because some industries might require you to have experience or specific skills to be a professional.
  2. Places to live- Canada is a country with several metropolises, therefore, you need to think about where exactly you want to live, as this will help you narrow your job search considerably. If you are looking for a city known for its food art, and culture, Toronto is the destination for you.
  3. Language proficiency – It might surprise you that Canada is a bilingual nation, despite being known that English is an official language in Canada. English and French have equal status and are both considered official languages in Canada. If you are fluent in either (or both), this will work to your advantage and might get a job easier in your field of choice.


  1. CV (Resume) – tailor your resume into Canadian formats, style, and content.
  2. Networking – reach out to family, friends, or friends of friends that live in Canada, they might be able to connect you with a potential employer. Reach out to people in your field via LinkedIn or any social media platform, ask them for advice about their job search. The key goal is to network with as many people as possible because building relationships will be your fastest route to a new job.
  3. Strong references – try to obtain strong reference letters from your previous employers, but only relevant to the role you are applying for.
  4. Highlight achievements- on your resume, highlight your achievement, Canadians do not care much about your role responsibilities but rather your achievements and performance.
  5. Follow-up – after submitting your job application, always have the company details, this will help you with follow-ups. Follow up within a week of submitting your application to show your interest.

ESA wishes you all the best in your Canadian job search 😊

Main Image: Afters School Africa