Having a bad day? Here’s how to get over it

Having a bad day is completely normal and it is a part of life. Almost everyone experiences it but what is important is how you can bounce back and cheer yourself up, here are a few tips on how can get back to your normal self.


Meditation is a good way to help you cope when you’re having a bad day. Meditation is about silencing your mind and focusing on your breathing. You can do this exercise by closing your eyes, sitting up straight and relaxing your shoulders. Slowly breathe in through your nose and then slowly exhale through your nose. Do this a few times until you feel relaxed. It good trick is to visualise something you like doing or somewhere you’d like to be. Let your thoughts and emotions come up without judging them- just observe and accept.


Sometimes, being able to talk about the things you’re going through can help you feel better. This can ease your anxiety and help you make sound decisions. There’s absolutely no need to go through life alone and the people around you can positively affect your mood and the decisions you make. If you don’t have anyone you feel comfortable talking to, remember you can always chat with me.


Focus on what you can do, rather than things you can’t control. Mastering the skill of mindfulness, practicing healthy coping mechanisms, and learning about the things that you can do to improve your mood is important.


Exercise and moving around can help you feel better instantly. Your body pumps out feel-good chemicals during exercise, which leaves you feeling good and energised. It’s as easy as going for a 10 – 20 minute walk if you’re having a bad day.


Journaling is one of the best coping mechanisms. Try writing down how you feel, painting, or building something, like a puzzle, to elevate your mood.


Affirmations are positive statements you say to yourself to get you into a positive frame of mind. By repeating these positive statements, you can train yourself to have a positive mental attitude and approach to life. Examples of affirmations can include statements like, “I can overcome any problem I face”. “I will try again”. “I will attract only good and healthy relationships”.

It’s so easy to lose sight of these little things when we’re upset. I encourage you to try some of the tips I’ve mentioned above to get you through the bad days. Remember that bad days are temporary, so feel what you need to feel in that moment and then allow yourself to move on to happier days. Always end the day with a positive thought, no matter how things are.

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