AKA: “I don’t want MTV to put me on that f**king list.’’

The annual MTV Hottest MCs will be announced today and while some of the best local rappers eagerly await for their names to be called out, AKA has excluded himself out of the list.

The musician has come out to once again criticise the list and claim his hard work and success is never acknowledged.

“I don’t want MTV to put me on that f**king list. Don’t put me on your f**king list no more,” he said in a video shared on the channel’s Twitter page this week.

Although the rapper may have made the comments to drum up publicity for the list, he has spoken, before of his anger at the lack of recognition he got from the panel of judges.

Last year he responded to charting at number five by telling the channel to “voetsek”.

AKA repeated some of his complaints again.

“I have been the hardest working artist in the industry for like a million years now, I have put out countless classic records. I am the biggest and brightest star… and I have never been number one on the list. Get the f*ck out here…Even when you put me at number one, I am not coming,” he added.

Last year’s winner Cassper Nyovest was also caught up in the hype around the list, telling fans that it was bound to cause a few more feuds in the industry.

Fans have already predicted that either Cassper or Kwesta will top this year’s list.

The Hottest MC list will air on MTV Base (DStv channel 322) on November 30 and December 1 .

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