AKA on DJ Black Coffee’ concert line-up

It will showcase the best in music, art, and fashion. Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Black Coffee said he selected artists who were unique and made amazing music, adding that the purpose of the concert was to celebrate music and unite the industry.

Black Coffee said the purpose of the concert was to celebrate music and unite the industry.

“It is not about who sells the most or who is cooler, it is about music. We are trying to create a melting pot of different kinds of music. Whether the artist is big or small, as long as we feel they will bring something to the line-up.”

Giving his old rival a shout-out, he said: “AKA is one of the most amazing live artists on this continent, so why not.”

The pair have had their fair share of run-ins over the years.

Speaking to Phat Joe on East Coast Radio in 2017, Black Coffee explained that the feud started after he made an appearance at the annual Channel O Music Awards and AKA tweeted, “Give Black Coffee a hand”.

The DJ was touched and reached out to the rapper, who said his tweet had been taken out of context.

But the peace didn’t last long.

“Two weeks later he (AKA) did a song, where he mentioned that he is so dope that even Black Coffee claps for him,” Black Coffee said.

This led to some spicy exchanges on social media, before it all came to a head when Black Coffee klapped one of AKA’s team members in September 2016.

AKA blasted Black Coffee on social media, labeling his actions “ignorant, distasteful and immature”.

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