AKA steps back into studio

AKA fans will be pleased to know that the rapper has gone back to studio. After weeks of facing negative backlash because of certain events which occurred surrounding his fiancée’s death, AKA has found the courage to go back to studio.

According to his biggest fan to date, AKA is working on new music and even sent her a snippet of the song. Another popular DJ confirmed that Kiernan is working on new music, but not just a single, but an entire EP.

“Spoke with Kiernan last night, he made me listen to one of his new records. That ish is FIRE!! TRUUUUST ME!!!” Rubu Thulisa tweeted. Oscar Mbo, a famous DJ then added that he wants to play the EP on his IG story but wants to respectfully allow AKA to add finishing touches.

“That new EP too fire, so tempted to bump it on my IG story but I have to respect the process.”

Just a few days ago, his fans made the tag #MyAKAFavourite trend where they listed their favourite AKA songs. Many are happy that the rapper is channeling all his emotions and putting them in a song. Even though nothing has been said about the type of music he is working on, many can only hope that he channels all of his emotions and produce a bang.

Main Image: ghgossip