All hell breaks loose as TUT students prove to be the most violent and most hardcore protestors.

While the #FeesMustFall protests seem to be a very disturbing issue that makes the world question the leadership of our diverse country, a positive, funny side has emerged from what seems to be intensifying riots between student protesters and the fat blue line.

Among the violent protesting institutions, TUT has proven to be the most violent and most hardcore protesting institution, of course, judging from pics that have been doing the rounds on social media.

Even though speculations surrounding the context of these photos were rife, one thing certain is that TUT students have shown a spirit of no tolerance towards the men of the law, just like the 76’s youth.

Except this time around, the men in blue have been stripped off their amour, stripped off their vehicles, and in retaliation, the men in blue shot and wounded a student with live ammunition – landing them in hot waters.

To TUT students, the word ‘protests’ seems to be an understatement since their campus has turned more of a battlefield than an institution.

If you are wondering what we mean by that, below is a picture of Mzansi’s own Jackie Chan:

Picture credit: on the line

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