Amanda Black: ‘’Some people told me I wouldn’t make it.’’

Although Amanda Black got a foothold in the local music industry, we have learned that there was a time when some of the people who are singing her praise now told her she wouldn’t make it.

Even after people insisted that her chances of making it big in the industry were slim to nothing, Amanda still won two Metro FM awards for Best Single and Listener’s Choice Award recently and is nominated for five awards in the upcoming SAMA 23 awards.

“Some people told me I wouldn’t make it. They said there are many people who are out there who want to sing and I wasn’t an exception,” Amanda explains.

“I have experienced people saying that I am not good enough and now those same people come to me and say ‘I always knew you would make it’, I just look at them in amazement,” Amanda adds.

Amanda’s album Amazulu went platinum in three weeks of its release late 2016.

Amanda’s experience should serve as an inspiration to every other upcoming artist who is constantly demotivated by negative minds, if she can do it, you can do it also!

Picture credit: IOL

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