AMAZING! Check out this 20kg cheese statue of pregnant Beyoncé!

It seems like Beyoncé’s pregnant news did more than just some spreading, a little bit of carving has recently been involved also.

While our creativity levels stopped at just meme-fying Beyoncé’s pregnant announcement pics, sculptor David Bradley worked with advertising agency The Robin Collective and expert food sculptor Jacqui Kelly to incorporate a 20kg cheese statue of Queen Bey.

It took 28 hours to sculpt 20kg’s of mild cheddar to recreate the pop mogul’s iconic photoshoot that announced she and her husband were expecting twins.

The original maternity photoshoot racked up almost 11 million likes.

The cheesy masterpiece competed against other cheese sculptures at the East Village Wine and Cheese Festival in London on Saturday.


The event was a one-off free event to deliver to the people “a range of delicious wine and cheese from around the world, as well as indulgent cheese boards, condiments and chutneys along with tempting wine and cider”.

Brie-oncé was Bradley’s warm-up for the on-day cheese-carving competition.

There wasn’t any word on who baked the crackers to accompany the crazy creation, but The Robin Collective did joke: “We talked about putting Babybel in the stomach, but it never actually happened.”

– Paper Mag/New York Post/Telegraph

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