Atandwa Kani and his wife Fikile Mthwalo heading for divorce

We all would agree that this year has been nothing but a year full of breakups and divorce. If it isn’t our celebrities calling it quits on each other, Covid-19 is also there to remind you that life is full of surprises..

Atandwa Kani divorces his second wife Fikile Mthwalo

Speaking of surprises and breakups, Daily Sun recently reported that Atandwa Kani and his wife, Fikile Mthwalo are also headed for a divorce.

A source told the paper that the couple, which spends its time in New York and Johannesburg, is finding it difficult to make time for the relationship due to busy schedules. However, the decision to split was amicable.

“Their careers are booming and they’ve been auditioning like crazy, plus they’re both in America. Basically, all the perfect conditions to make it easy for them to drift apart are very much at play.

“They remain friends and are cordial to each other. There’s no bad blood and they still talk. But it’s unfortunate they’re no longer in love,” the informant told the publication.
Atandwa divorces his second wife
The couple is known to love out loud and post each other on social media quite often, but they haven’t since February although they still follow each other.

Another mole told the publication that the Kani and Mthwalo families have tried to intervene, but have accepted the split.

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