Atandwa Kani suggested as perfect candidate for the role of Black Panther

Maybe it might be too soon to be deciding who needs to flll up the huge gap Chadwick Boseman left in the blockbuster film Black Panther, but eventually, it needs to be done because not only does the film raise the African flag high, but it also gives hope to young Black children that Black heroes do exist.

Veteran actor Fana Mokoena took to Twitter on Wednesday to suggest that Marvel should consider casting Atandwa Kani for the role of King T’Challa.

Atandwa Kani, the son of legendary film and theatre actor Dr John Kani played the young King T’Chaka, King T’Challa’s father in the iconic superhero film.

“I honestly think Marvel Studios would do well to consider Atandwa Kani as the next Black Panther. It’s about time an African from Africa played a superhero. If you like it, retweet and support #AtandwaKani4BlqckPanther Salute,” tweeted Mokoena.

The former “Genenations” actor’s post received a mixed reaction on Twitter, with many stating that it was a bit insensitive following the recent passing of Chadwick Boseman.

“We are still mourning. Too soon. Too divisive, “ commented someone on Twitter.



“They’ve already used that oke as young T’Chaka. The audience would feel disrespected coz who tf does that?” commented another.

“Let’s wait until we bury Chadwick with dignity then we discuss a way forward…Yaz kwangathi y’all been waiting for him to die…Anime Kancane!!! (wait a moment please),” added another user.

And the comments keep flooding in, with some giving the suggestion their stamp of approval, while others suggested their own replacements.



Main Image: All4women