Ayanda Borotho on women ‘losing themselves’ in a marriage

Actress Ayanda Borotho isn’t shy to speak her mind, especially when it comes to issues facing men and women on a daily basis. 

The storyline that her character is currently facing on Isibaya inspired Ayanda to speak out about married women ‘losing themselves’. 

“I think marriage is beautiful don’t get me wrong…but only when it builds us and doesn’t destroy us.” 

Ayanda advised women not to lose themselves by chasing to be noticed by a man who doesn’t see you for all your “glory and imperfections”. 

“I’m super excited about this storyline because so many married women find themselves in this situation, where you have lost yourself, your beauty, your mind, your being, your truth pursuing being the wife he wants. And then sometimes a stranger, an old flame, a memory, an incident reminds you of the woman you left behind.”


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