Ayanda Ncwane gives advice to fellow widow Simz Ngema

The shocking news of Rhythm City actor Dumi Masilela’s death caused quite a stir on Mzansi that even the late gospel star Sfiso Ncwane’s wife Ayanda couldn’t help but go down that road again.

Since she shares the feeling of losing a husband, Ayanda expressed her sadness and shared a message of encouragement to Dumi’s wife Simphiwe Ngema.

Dumi died on Thursday morning after he was shot during an attempted hijacking in Tembisa on Wednesday night.

Ayanda took to Instagram to sympathise with Simz and said she understands the pain she is going through.

“So another heart surgery has been operated, brutally, another happy home has been broken, another young woman has been declared a widow. Each time another wonderful husband pass on, it angers me that i had to weep and wished I could run and hold Simphiwe Ngema wherever she is and tell her ‘scream hard for your man babegal, it’s either you cry bitterly now or you will spend the next months weeping as if the news are newly brought to you’,” she wrote.

Ayanda reflected on her experience and said she knew that the pain was unbearable and that nothing anyone could say would make sense.

“But somehow God prepares us for this tragedy. It’s just that the pain is too much to even notice. God is with you @simzngema the pain in my heart as I try to write this. I know for a fact that nothing and no one is going to talk sense sisi. Nami ngiyadavuza nje ngibhaliswa ukuzwa ubuhlungu nokucasuka obuyisimanga in my heart (I am also just rambling and searching for words, writing from a broken heart and amazing anger),” she wrote.

Ayanda’s husband died in December last year, after complications arising from kidney failure.


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