Ayanda Thabethe tells Twitter trolls to pick a side regarding BLM

Since the senseless killing of George Floyd in America, many joined the #BlackLivesMatter movement to stand against the killings, however, Ayanda Thabethe felt that social media users who trolled other black people acted against the movement by spreading negativity on the socials. 

The business woman, and actress shared how she believes it is impossible to champion the #BlackLivesMatter movement and in the same breath spread negativity on social media.

Ayanda Thabethe took to Twitter to share her views saying, “You can’t be also be championing the cause of black lives matter and also be a troll, spreading negativity and hate to those very same black lives … something to think about.”

Ayanda also suggested that trolls who continue to spread “hurtful things” about people on the TL to be named and shamed when she wrote on her Twitter TL; “One of these days we need to call each other out nje … name the Twitter troll you know … Why must we deal with people who abuse their share of voice to say hurtful things to other people? … it’s enough.”

These tweets come at the height of many tv personalties being trolled on the socials since the beginning of the lockdown with hashtags that want many celebrities to “fall”.  And one celeb who recently came under scrutiny for her comments on xenophobia was actress Pearl Thusi. 

The black Pearl has been vocal about the recent protests in America over the killing of George Floyd, shared how she would not limit herself to borders that were drawn by colonisers.

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Taking to Twitter, Pearl wrote, “Killing African nationals that reside in SA is something I will never defend. Defending borders drawn by colonisers will never be something I limit myself with.” While many defended her, others believed Pearl was coming from a place of “privilege” and “incited violence”.

They also claimed that foreigners brought crime to the country, and spawned the hashtag #PearlThusiMustFall.

The Queen Sono actress remained unshaken by trolls and in a tweet, Pearl wrote, “If falling means standing up against violence against fellow Africans. Then I will fall proudly. If making my country proud means turning my back on the misdirected anger that has spilt the blood of fellow Africans. Then I will never make her proud.”

Main Image: YouthVillage