Beauty myths you should always look out for

Its very easy to believe tales about how to take care of your skin, and you can find yourself ignoring advice from expects. We have put together a couple of beauty myths that you need to look out for.

Beauty can be time consuming, requires sacrifice and in order to stay beautiful, we gladly make these sacrifices. There are many habitual actions and beliefs for sustaining a perfect appearance, and they are not that necessary whatsoever. On top of that, most of them are not only a waste of our time and money but they also damage our looks.

  1. Pores can be minimized

This is one of the myths that you need to be careful of. The size of your pores will never change, and that is regardless of which products you use or how much steam you subject your face to. Pores may appear wider or tighter sometimes, as temperature changes do cause the skin to either soften or contract, but this effect is only temporary.

  1. Oily skin doesn’t need that much moisture

This is not true because oily skin needs just as much if not more hydration than other skin types. When the skin loses its natural moisture by harsh products or cleansers, it normally overcompensates by producing even more oil.

  1. Everyday makeup is harmful to the skin

Some make-up can definitely cause breakouts if your skin is sensitive to a particular ingredient, but normally it’s not makeup itself that is a problem, instead, the act of neglecting to remove it properly before going to bed is what harms the skin. The skin should have an opportunity to breathe and oxygenate.

  1. Products with ‘natural’ ingredients will not cause irritation

The benefits of using natural and organic beauty products are endless, however, a lower likelihood of irritation is not guaranteed to be one of them. Essential oils are often used in natural formulations and yield very effective results, but can also trigger reactions in sensitive skin types. Tolerance to essential oils is highly personal so we recommend carrying out a patch test before using new products, particularly where serums or facial oils are concerned.

  1. If a product is labelled as ‘hypoallergenic’, it will be suitable for all skin types

The word “Hypoallergenic” cosmetic products lack only the most wide-spread allergenic ingredients such as alcohol, for example. Nonetheless, the only ingredient that any skin has no reaction to is distilled water. That’s why it’s important to remember to learn carefully the content of even the most harmless products before buying them.

  1. Home beauty remedies are not harmful

Home beauty remedies for popular skincare problems seem harmless enough, combining various common household ingredients for instant hair and face masks, scrubs and other treatments. But with that being said, they should be approached with caution as many of these otherwise safe ingredients are not so safe when applied directly to the skin.

Main Image: Pexels