”Ben 10’s are for hit & runs only, not for love,” – Skolopad

Just when we were about to launch a search party for red carpet shaker, Skolopad, she came out of hibernation with a burning statement that many see as shot thrown at Zodwa Wabantu.

Although Skolopad has recently clarified that her recent tweets about Ben 10s was not a jab at Zodwa Wabantu and that she was merely speaking from experience, it didn’t stop fans on Twitter from reigniting the beef with her rival.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Skolopad said she wasn’t throwing shade at ‘rival’ Zodwa, who has openly declared her affection for a Ben 10.

“Ben 10s are not for the faint hearted. I only had a fling with one but it felt like I have another child. Why must I buy you this or that, only because your good in a certain department? I was like, ‘sorry nana, I already have a child”. So we didn’t last and some of my friends also said younger boys are demanding.”

Skolopad said her experience with a Ben 10 didn’t last long because she was put off by the demands and immaturity.

She added that despite the “great sex” it wasn’t worth the stress especially because it felt like she had to factor in another child into her budget.

“Shuu, I tried it, I wouldn’t just talk about things I don’t know. As a person who has been there, shame.. Ben 10’s are not worth it hey… they are just too much work. I mean, if you want orgasms and stuff, yes but for anything else you need to look somewhere else. Ben 10’s are for hit & runs only, not for love,” she said on Twitter.

Skolopad said that as long as she was still indulging her “playful” side she wouldn’t write off Ben 10s, but definitely wouldn’t settle down with one.

“When I eventually settle down, it will be with a mature person. Mature on all levels. I wanna be treated like the queen I am, I wanna be spoilt and a Ben 10 won’t do that for me.

Picture credit: The Huffington Post

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