Black Coffee | Africa Rising was like fulfilling a ‘calling’

DJ Black Coffee has been the topic of many a conversation lately, but that’s not keeping him from doing his thing as a muso. The infidelity rumours have been spreading like wildfire, but he insists that there is nothing between him and Cathy Guetta, whom he was accused of seeing in secret. Even Enhle Mbali, Black Coffee’s lovely wife, tried to shut down the rumours, as reported by reporters.

However, the DJ wants to remind Mzansi that he’s one of the country’s greatest DJs and took a moment to remember the concert that showed off his talent – Africa Rising.

Reporters reported that Black Coffee feels Africa Rising taught him great life lessons.

“Africa Rising (was like) watching a vision come to life. When I think about my career and the things I’ve done in my life… I always think of achievement versus fulfilment.

“Africa Rising wasn’t about what we achieved… it was about the calling that we fulfilled together with the team and artists that were involved.”

The concert was a very big success, with artists such as Zakes Bantwini, Bucie and Soulstar sharing their talents.

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