Black Coffee and Enhle planning a white wedding for 2017!

While many are looking forward to see what 2017 has in store for them, DJ Black Coffee and his actress wife Enhle Mlotshwa already have plans for the new year, and that’s a white wedding on the first Sunday of January.

While the couple tried to hide the news from us, Black Coffee’s friend, DJ Fresh couldn’t help but share the details on air during his breakfast show, announcing his privilege of attending the wedding.

Four years ago, the acclaimed ‘’Mzansi’s cute couple’’ tied the knot in a traditional ceremony, and now it appears to us that they are ready for a white wedding.

“Black Coffee and Enhle are getting married on the first Sunday of January. We did a traditional wedding in Soweto several years back, so now I have to find a suit, or another one, because the one I own everyone knows,” DJ Fresh said.

Sadly, DJ Fresh did not mention where the ceremony is going to take place, which means fans can only get to congratulate the couple after we run the story on our gossip section.

Picture credit: Sowetan Live

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