Bobby Shmurda will be walking out of prison!

In case you were wondering why Twitter is lit today, well, Bobby Shmurda will be out of prison on Tuesday, February 23

“Bobby’s mom, Leslie Pollard, tells TMZ … once Bobby’s released from prison he’ll enjoy an intimate dinner with his family. Leslie says she’s counting down the hours until her son’s release. Bobby’s also excited, to say the least”



Bobby Shmurda is finally free! The Brooklyn rapper took to Instagram to share a clip of the opening scene of Christopher Walken’s, ‘King Of New York’, to announce his release.
This comes after Rowdy Rebel recently revealed that Shmurda was soon to be released, and it looks like he was right.

In 2016, Bobby took a plea deal and plead guilty to charges that included conspiracy. He was then sentenced to 7 years in prison while failing to get bail.

Main Image: XXL Mag