Bonang Matheba is taking over 2019 – From public figure to House of BNG

Bonang Matheba recently announced that her first film, Public Figure, will screen at Encounters Film Festival in Johannesburg and Cape Town on June 15-16 and congratulatory messages just keep pouring in. 

Since 2019 began, all Bonang does is win, secure the bag and escalate her career to dizzy heights and, happy as we are for her, we can’t help but question if we all really have the same 24-hours.

From the House of BNG to her lingerie line, Destruction by Bonang, here are Moghel’s achievements, six months into 2019:

Public Figure

Public Figure is a film by Brian Corso in which Bonang stars. It delves into the psychological effects monied public figures and influencers like herself experience in  trying to navigate through life on a daily basis. The film is due to screen in SA between June 15-16 in Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

Bonang co-produced the film which premiered at the Manchester International Film Festival in March. 

Destruction by Bonang

Moghel caused mass destruction early this year when she posted snaps a photo shoot of her lingerie line, Destruction by Bonang, in Mumbai. She later announced that the collection was available from Woolworths stores for purchase. 

House of BNG

Bonang’s fans have always known that the queen loves her bubbly, but no one saw a range of MCC coming. In March Bonang announced that she was in fact launching House of BNG MCC Brut and Brut Rosé which was launched at a star-studded event at the Riboville Boutique Hotel. 

Inspiration and Influence award

On 29 May, Bonang received the Inspiration and Influence award at the Global Social Awards in Prague, Czech Republic. She was accompanied by her cousin Pinky Girl with whom she celebrated her win. 

Bonang, who never announces anything until it actually happens, caused a social media storm when she posted a video of her being announced as the winner and her acceptance speech. 

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