Bonang Matheba Pledges Grocery Vouchers For 25 Underprivileged Families During Lockdown Extension

TV personality and philanthropist Bonang B Matheba was touched by Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement to extend the lockdown for a furthermore 2 weeks. Underprivileged families who won’t be able to sustain themselves were the first thing in mind for Matheba, so much that she vowed to give out a helping hand.

Bonang’s name made it to Twitter’s trends list when she pledged to assist 25 families with grocery vouchers worth R2000 each. The successful business-minded celeb asked tweeps to help her identify the underprivileged families so that she can assist them with grocery during these tough times.


It was not long after she had posted that twitter users were engaging and helping out identify these families and also share more ideas on how to help out even more.

Main Image: mbaretimes

Tebogo Nkabinde