Bonnie Mbuli fuming after son ‘driven off bicycle’ in alleged racist incident

Bonnie Mbuli was once spitting hearth after her son informed her he used to be pushed off his bicycle by way of a girl who advised him to “cross experience where he belongs”.

Bonnie explained on Twitter that while she was once in the same position as her son, she was once about 100m forward of him and didn’t witness the alleged racist incident.

However, she expressed outrage that such things could still be happening. “Racists don’t realise that racism is cancer in itself that destroys the host quicker than somebody it oppresses, it turns folks into monsters who damage their very own lives.

“On the weekend, a girl pushed my nine-year-old son off his motorcycle on the promenade and instructed him to ‘cross experience the place you belong’,” she stated.

The television character mentioned she looked for the girl, however, couldn’t in finding her, including that, in retrospect, she was once glad, as a result of things won’t have ended amicably.

“I Used To Be operating 100m ahead of him & he handiest instructed me after we caught up to each other, searched for her and couldn’t to find her, glad I didn’t because she was once going to catch those hands at no cost and I’d be in jail. How depraved does your heart have to be to push a child off a bike?

Bonnie thanked her fans for the beef up she and her son had gained after she shared what had taken place.

She mentioned violence and aggression born out of racism did a bunch on a person and she used to be glad she had a platform on which to proportion and be supported. “I pray we all find an outlet and a spot where we will be able to be heard and supported, even if it’s Twitter.”

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