Bonnie Mbuli to parents: Don’t gossip about other parents with your children

Bonnie Mbuli has advised parents to think carefully before they start talking about other parents or teachers with their kids, as these gossip sessions have negative effects on the kids. 

The media personality and author took to Twitter to tell parents that it is definitely a bad idea to involve your children in gossip that compromises them or may alienate them.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but dear parents, do not gossip to your children about other parents at the school, your children talk about it to the children of those parents,” she said.

Bonnie explained that it isn’t fair for children to be put in such positions and for them to have to process that kind of information. 

“It’s highly irresponsible and it can cause so much pain. It also alienates your own child.”

So for your children’s sake… please don’t be that mum or dad…

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