Burna Boy and AKA go head on head over xenophobia in SA

Award-winning African giant Burna Boy has urged all foreigners living in South Africa to protect themselves against the violent xenophobic attacks they are facing in South Africa.

The argument between the two stars started when YCee did some digging to find AKA archived tweets about how disappointed and angry he was that South Africa lost to Nigeria, he went on a rant about how South Africans love to Nigeria over everything from music to football but the part that got people the most was when he tweeted that it would have been better had South Africa lost to Egypt.

Ycee pointed out that there is a certain hatred/dislike they had towards Nigerians and no matter how much they try to hide it…it always shows.

That’s where Burna Boy jumped in to also tell of his xenophobic attacks in South Africa and has expressed that because of that he will never set a foot in South Africa again.

He expressed his distress of how badly his brothers were being treated in Nigeria.

In a now-deleted tweet his advised AKA to level up his security before telling him to go to hell.

The two stars once collaborated together on a smash hit “All eyes on me” are now biting heads on social media.

He was also careful not to generalize and pointed out that he has met some amazing South Africans.

AKA has since come out to defend himself and urge that his tweet were only just football rivalry related like anyone would not like losing to their opposition in a game.

He ended his statements by urging all Africans to unite and be one.

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Written by: Thabile Jaku