Busiswa stands up for Lady Zamar from her Twitter bullies

Lady Zamar returned to the hit reality TV singing competition show on Sunday, and she was dragged on the social media streets.

After being insulted 10 months ago for the outfit that she wore for her performance on Idols SA, the star was a guest judge for the auditions in Johannesburg. People were not so happy about her comments and her “attitude”.

When she wasn’t being accused trying to be a Randal wannabe, her American accent got people talking, and soon tweeps were lining up to take shots at her. The collide hit-maker laughed off all the hate and later shared her love for her fans that stood by her.\

Busiswa also took to social media in the middle of the drama as an ally for Lady Zamar, to put the trolls in their places.

Busiswa tweeted, “I just need the trolls to leave Lady Zamar alone. I might blow a gasket over all this but right now I’m asking nicely. Please leave that queen alone. Haters, you’re doing entirely too much now. Yes, you with the fashion opinion but wearing eye liner on your lip. Just stop.”

“Zamar is a chart-topping queen that never bothers anyone. But here we are wondering what went wrong when artists commit suicide and are depression-prone. Its our Twitter-traditional verbal abuse. Just stop.” – Busiswa continued.

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