I can’t tell him he’s not the father of the boy, he’s too excited, please help!

Hello Uncle T, I am a 28-year-old Black woman living in Rustenburg with my boyfriend and I have recently given birth to a healthy young boy. I am currently unemployed and depend on the little that my boyfriend brings home every day, which is now enough for me because I recently leanred a terrible lesson about cheating because I was not satisfied with what I have.

My boyfriend has forever been good to me, but I was too blind to realize that and attempted to chet on him thinking I will get much better out there from a rich guy. I cheated for about a year and fell pregnant, just when I thought this was my ticket out of poverty, the rich dude left me, that’s when I realized I was wrong.

I never told my current boyfriend that this is not his child, I tried to, but when I immediately told him I was pregnant, he jumped in joy and I lost the chance to be honest with him. He’s so super excited to be a dad, but it beats me every day that a poor good man is raising a kid that is not his, I am so confused, what should I do? Help!

Anonymous – Rustenburg.

Hello there,

Although I feel sorry for what the guy you had an affair with did to you, I have to also scold you a little for cheating on an innocent man. This guy has given you nothing but the best that he can offer, the least you could have done is to stand by him at these difficult times and help him build an empire so that tomorrow, we can all say; ‘’behind every successful man, is a woman’’ while looking at you with a smile.

Right now the only advice I have for you is to stop living a dishonest life. You managed to get away with cheating right under his nose, you also managed to keep the truth away from him about the little bundle of joy, what more do you want to keep from this innocent man?

I know you don’t want to hurt him with the truth, but do you think making him happy with a lie is worth it? Lies are like weeds in a garden, nobody wants them on their garden, but they grow every now and then, all we have to do is whack them when they do. I suggest you start whacking those weeds and making sure they don’t grow anymore by being honest with your boyfriend.

Tell hium truth, from day one, and keep in mind that if it is meant to be, then the relationship will survive, if not, then forgive yourself and make sure you ask forgiveness from him too.

Uncle T’s advice

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