Cassper Nyovest identifies the man behind his Bentley vandalism!

While other celebrities think that social media is the worst platform to experience hating and malicious acts of jealousy, Cassper Nyovest can tell the worst real-life story that might’ve cost him a fortune to fix.

While celebrating his collection of SA Hip-Hop Awards at a Johannesburg nightclub, Cassper Nyovest came to a shocking discovery of a man vandalizing his brand-new Bentley in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Shortly after the incident, Cassper took to Twitter to express his disappointment.

"I'm in the club celebrating hard work and someone calls me saying they found someone keying my brand-new car. Mara why do have to do this? Such a beautiful night? To end like this? I worked so hard this year, not only to get what I have but to stay out of trouble. Then this?" Cassper tweeted.

The multiple-award winning rapper added that the sad part about this incident was identifying the culprits, who happened to be familiar faces.

‘’Guys…Thank you for all the help… I was able to identify the culprits that keyed my car last night and It happens to be niggas I know!!!’’

Cassper also tweeted about his disappointment towards the justice system that has once failed him at a time of need.

‘’When I think about how many times I've come to the police station to report a crime and nothing ever happens. Had a gun to my face 1s and I really hope that justice will prevail this time. I opened a case & hopefully I will be remunerated of my hard work. Modimo o phala Baloyi!’’ [sic]

Cassper seemed quite a bit shaken and traumatized by the incident until he celebrated his birthday at Taboo nightclub in Johannesburg, and we guess that’s how he took the edge off.

Picture credits: SOWETAN LIVE

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