Cassper schools AKA: Success or money doesn’t quantify wisdom

In case you missed the biggest trending twar (twitter war) this past weekend, now is the time to do some catching up. We are not sure who won, but all we know is that AKA didn’t have a comeback from Cassper’s profound response to his tweet that seemed to have angered a lot of people.

AKA topped the trend lists and made headlines after his attempt to crowd-surf while performing at a groove in Rustenburg backfired recently. He landed on the ground after his fans failed to catch him.

So Cassper, who has crowd-surfed successfully a couple of times at his popular Fill-Up concerts, thought this was a great opportunity to gift his peer and “nemesis” with some wisdom.

“Here’s some advice from someone who’s filled up The Dome and successfully crowd surfed geh. Unga’bhekeli Abantu phansi! Ska nyatsa batho laaitie. You can get life changing financial advice from a gardener who’s never owned a car or a house. Success or money doesn’t quantify wisdom,” Cassper said.

This after the Mega attempted to give his followers some pointers on who they should take unsolicited advice from.

“If someone tries to give you advice, ask yourself … does this person live in the house I want, drive the car I want or generally live the life I want … if the answer is no, then ask yourself what qualifies this person to dispense ANY sort of advice to you in the first place

Baby Kairo Gets Dragged Into The Twar:

While AKA was having a time of his life tweeting and recklessly advising followers to get themselves a 21-year-old to avoid drama, one tweep dragged baby Kairo into the twar and things got messy.

Knowing AKA, we weren’t surprised when he gave another the most low blow response to a comment about baby Kairo.

That’s not the end of it, some twitter users went as far as dragging Zinhle into this as well, claiming that the DJ had a baby with ”a clown”.\


Image: TshisaLive