Celebrities who lost their hair due to stress

You’ve probably heard about a possible link between stress and hair loss, but is there any truth to that claim? Yes there is, and sometimes even our celebrities go through such stress that makes them lose hair significantly.

According to healthline.com, There are three ways that stress causes hair loss:

Telogen effluvium where the active number of hair follicles is reduced and your hair thins, alopecia areata where random bald patches appear on your head, and trichotillomania where you pull your hair out, out of frustration or without even realising.

Eek, my hair is thinning!

Thinning hair can be confusing and scary, however, over 45% of new mothers suffer from Telogen effluvium because of the changes in hormones and possibly stress.
Celebrity moms like Kim Kardashian and Kate Hudson suffered hair loss after their babies were born, but recovered soon after.

Telogen effluvium can reverse on its own when hormones become balanced again or with lifestyle changes that reduce stress and its physical effects.

Telogen effluvium causes visible hair loss. Your hair can fall out as you wash it or comb it gradually causing temporary thinning.

Is that a bald patch?

Sudden smooth bald patches on your head can be frightening. Alopecia Areata creates small round hairless patches on your head.
Although you are not likely to notice when the hair fell out, you will definitely see the effects.

Actress Viola Davis famously spoke out about her recovery from Alopecia Areata after years of wearing wigs to hide bald patches.
Although recognised as an autoimmune disease ( the immune system attacks the hair follicles so hair is not produced in the area), Alopecia Areata could be caused by stress and reverse with a change in lifestyle and stress reduction.

Hair treatments and scalp massages can help encourage hair growth in bald patches.

Pulling my hair out

The expression pulling my own hair out is literal for some people including South African born Hollywood star Charlize Theron.
One of the actresses bad habits is tugging at her hair when she’s stress, anxious or frustrated. The habit has become second nature to her and she doesn’t even realise she’s doing it most times.

People with Trichotillomania can sometimes pluck out bald patches which usually regrow with time.


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