Celebrity kids who have impressive Instagram accounts!

Chances are; you may have a few names of celebrity kids who have impressive Instagram accounts, but for now let us focus on these young kids, who have managed to garner many followers on Instagram because of their last name, and that their parents are quite famous.
Although we adore him, we can’t help but wonder how DJ Khaled’s son, Asahd Khaled who is a couple of months old has a whopping 496,000 followers on his Instagram account and he can’t even formulate a full sentence yet.

Anyways, let’s bring it home a bit, here are a couple of celebrity kids who already have Instagram accounts:
Lelethu Naledi Zulu

Daughter of the late Gugu Zulu and Letshego Zulu has an Instagram account of her own under the alias @AdventureBabyZA she has 3,071 followers and posts cute pictures of daily life as a busy toddler enjoying life and having awesome adventure time with mommy.

Ruri Molefe

Son to Tbo Touch and Thuli Thabethe,Ruri is one of those celebrity kids who lives a life of a celebrity millionaire. From flying business class when going overseas with his dad to wearing the latest expensive Jordan sneakers, this kids Instagram account will really make you want to re-evaluate your life. Ruri has 5,967 followers on his Instagram account.
Mawenza Ncwane

The self-proclaimed ‘’future of hip hop’’ who also considers himself as a very dope hip-hop dancer. Mawenza who is the son of the late S’fiso Ncwane and Ayanda Ncwane comes across as a very cool kid, we bet him and Ruri would make great friends and as you can see, Mawenza is all about style, but the bottom post has to be one of our most favourite posts by Mawenza playing with his dad. R.I.P Sfiso Ncwane. Mawenza has 19,500 followers on Instagram.


Picture credit: Hip Hop Hub

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