All the receipts, gifts and evidence of Mihlali and the married businessman leaked

Mihlali Ndamase has been seen trending today after she has been exposed to dating a married man on social media. The influencer’s relationships have always been of interest to many of her fans. She has tried to keep her relationships private, but somehow they found a way to come out. This current one is no different, except it has come out as a scandal.

The makeup artist is said to have been dating Leeroy Sidambe, a married man, for a while now. According to the reports on Twitter, Mihlali told her friend that her boyfriend wanted to take her to his mother’s party, but she wanted to go to Cassper’s boxing match. She said that she was in love and sought advice on what to do from her friends. It turned out that the event was Shauwn Mkhize’s Thanksgiving, where Leeroy was present.

They were spotted arguing at Montana Club, where she was hosting, and he was present. The two tried to make it look like they were not there together, but their interaction sold them out. Leeroy is also rumoured to have bought Mihlali the same outfit that he bought his wife, Mary Jane. The two were spotted in the same Alexander Wang outfit.

Mihlali Ndamase has been exposed for dating a married man

Their affair only came to light after MaryJane Sidambe found receipts in Leeroy’s car of property purchased for Mihlali. The receipts are for furniture bought at EMK Links, and she then exposed the affair. The pictures of the receipts found their way to gossip blogs and exposed Mihlali for being a husband snatcher.

Mihlali Ndamase's receipt found in Leeroy Sidambe car
Mihlali Ndamase’s receipt found in Leeroy Sidambe’s car-Source(Twitter/ Musa Khawula)

Ndamase has made it clear that money is vital in a relationship, and in her past, she has dated her fair share of rich guys. Leeroy Sidambe fits right in as he is a successful businessman with a company which offers security services, Bakery and Facilities management. The two are rumoured to have started dating in February this year as Leeroy and his wife seemed to be happy on Valentine’s day. Mihlali Ndamase is yet to respond to the allegations and tell her side of the story.

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