Entangled with a soulmate: Will Smith finally finds love and leaves Jada

The new girlfriend of American rapper, songwriter, director, and actor, Will Smith left many jaws dropped when she publicly claimed her man. This comes a sigh of relief for many since Will Smith’s wife, Jada, has been humiliating him in all ways possible.


Earlier this year Will Smith’s wife left people shook after admitting that she once cheated on, and last week she left people in disbelief after exposing Will Smith for lacking energy in the bedroom. Now, New Will Smith’s girlfriend has just taken to her Instagram story to confirm their relationship “An angel has walked into my life @willsmith” said Sonnarele. People are so happy for Will Smith because his wife has been humiliating him for years “I have never been happy for a man like I am now for Will” said a Twitter who is over the moon. Some people are praying that this girl teat Will Smith right “I hope she’ll stick around for good and for the right reasons” said a Twitter user.

Main Image: Hello Mag