#FWDeKlerkDies: Twitter approves of Rasta’s FW De Klerk painting – SEE

You know it’s Rasta’s time to shine every time death hits the circle of fame. Yesterday, Mzansi was left in mixed emotions following the passing of former apartheid president FW De Klerk. Knowing Rasta, it didn’t take him long to drop a painting of De Klerk and for the first time, Twitter has approved.

The Irony

Rasta got tongues wagging yet again after he shared a portrait of the last leader of the apartheid-era in South Africa FW De Klerk.

Although his family members are grieving his loss, the black community is breathing a huge sigh of relief after as a result of the the inhumane treatment of black people during the apartheid regime.

Tweeps took to social media to react to his passing and some made heartless remarks and reiterated that they will not be weeping for him.

However, several social media users pleaded with Rasta to do a painting of the late politician, which is what he is best known for.

Well, many praised Rasta for an impressive job.

Main Image: Briefly