Here’s why Thuli Phongolo always falls victim to matchmaking

Remember that ”hot like a heater, like a bomb” catchphrase that was trending not so long ago? That was a true definition of Thuli Phongolo, the beautiful and talented DJ making waves on Twitter. It is no wonder why people always give her boyfriends every chance they get.

After being accused of dating Duduzane Zuma a few months ago, Thuli Phongolo has now been moved to the hands of DJ Maphorisa!

The two DJs sparked dating rumors on Tuesday, as they were seen in videos serving some romantic gestures at each other.

While Phori remains mute, Thuli immediately discarded the claim, saying she’s single.

“Y’all stop, we’re not dating! I’m so done with you guys!” she said.

“…and the truth remains, I’m single,” she added.

While Thuli has extinguished the rumors of her and Phori being romantically involved, we feel like it is important for us to have this conversation as a country… why do we always give Thuli boyfriends?

Here’s what we think:

1. She’s Hot

Come to think of it, Thuli is one hell of a beautiful lady.. it is no wonder when people see her hugging or even smiling at a guy, they automatically think she’s romantically involved with that person..

2. She’s too friendly

Main Image: IOL