How the name ”Cassper Nyovest” became a side hustle to many people including celebrities

At first, the amount of hate surrounding Cassper Nyovest was understandable… seeing that the successful rapper/businessman was well on his way to the top. As time went by, it got a little bit weird because no matter how much the rapper tries to stay in his own (fast) lane, haters always find a way to drag his name in the mud.

We are starting to realize that the name ”Cassper Nyovest” has suddenly become a side hustle or quick ladder to fame for most people, that’s how big the name is.

After beefing with almost the entire country and industry, this is probably the one feud nobody ever saw coming: Cassper Nyovest is no stranger to celebrity beef, but even his fans and South Africans in general were shocked at who else is at odds with the musician.

Veteran actor Patrick Shai is known mostly for his work on the screen, but now he’ll also be remembered for his epic profane-laced attack on Cassper. The clip has been doing the rounds on social media, showing Shai go all in on the musician, while seated inside a car.

“This is Mr Patrick Shai. I want to meet you in the wrestling ring. I want to bleksem you before I die. I want to make sure that I’ve beaten you up so that on my tombstone, it is written that I am the man who beat Caster or Coster or whatever your sh*t name is… Give me that respect. Come, you son of a bitch,” he says.


It isn’t clear why Patrick Shai is feuding with Cassper Nyovest, but whatever the reason, he is clearly upset with the Doc Shebeleza hitmaker.

We can’t help but wonder whether Cassper would even agree to Shai’s offer to take him on in the ring. He has already managed to bag one victory in a fight with Youtuber SlikTalk. Nyovest is scheduled to enter the ring with fellow musician Naakmusiq this coming April.

“Now everyone wants to fight Cassper nyovest uncle go fight chairman he is your age Casper will break in you into pieces,” said one Twitter user in response to Shai’s video.

“May God not allow us to physically engage or trade punches/ blows with someone who’s days are numbered. Amen,” said another.

Other fellow stars he had offered to take on include Prince Kaybee and AKA.

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