Kim Kardashian celebrates recent achievement

She is one of the most influential figures worldwide and a great inspiration to a majority of woman across the globe. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has celebrated her recent achievement after hosting the famed Saturday Night Live.

The Skims designer, Kardashian, said she had one of the best moments in her career and recognised the world done on the show The 40-year-old also shared some behind the scenes footage from the show, including her huge name tag that showed she’s keeping her ex-hubby’s name West

The beauty became one of the biggest trends on social media after the event, with many praising her for a job well done. Going on her Instagram on Tuesday, October 13, Kim said she needed a few days to decompress before reminiscing on what had happened.

Kim showed her gratitude to everyone who supported and worked with her to make the day come to pass, thanking the fans for their support. During the show, Kim Kardashian turned into a comedian as she roasted her family and ex-hubby, including her divorce. She joked about learning what the term “gold digger” meant from her mother, Kris Jenner’s, boyfriend, Corey Gamble. She also noted to have married the best rapper of all time and richest “black man in America” and joked that she only divorced him because of his personality.

The media personality came out hot and heavy in a fitted pink number, boldly cracking jokes about her infamous sex tape and declaring that OJ Simpson was her “first black person.” The 40-year-old admitted she was surprised she’d been asked to host the show, especially since she’d not released any work lately. “I haven’t had a movie premiere in a really long time. I mean actually, I only had that one movie come out, and no one told me it was premiering,” she joked about her sex-tape.

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