Lady Du reveals how Mpura changed her life and helped her heal from depression

Lady Du is currently trending on Twitter after her touching tribute to Amapiano star, Mpura.

Mpura was laid to rest today and friends, family and industry mates gathered to celebrate the illustrious life and say their final goodbyes.

The funeral service took place today at the Protea South Hall, Soweto in Johannesburg.

He was then taken place to his final resting place which is at the West Park Cemetery in Johannesburg.

However, many was given the opportunity to speak on Mpura nd all the things he has done for them.

Then his close friend Lady Du spoke some touching words about her late friend.

She mentioned how it is a tough time in the industry as they had lost a very talented star.

She also spoke about if a person wanted to know about Mpura and his life, they should listen to ‘Impilo yaseSandton.’

She then spoke about how Mpura wanted to leave a legacy for his mother.

“He said to me ‘you know what friend, I want to leave a legacy for my mum and my family. One thing I do not want to do was to leave earth and not do something for my family,” said Lady Du.

“Mpura was the one person who gave me an opportunity when I was just sitting at the studio. When they were singing Umsebenzi Wethu, then he called me to the mic. At that time I was depressed, I wasn’t in a good space. I said to Mpura I can’t sing,” she said.

On Umsebenzi Wethu, Lady Du is not singing, but she is crying and when he noticed that she was emotional, he gave her money to take care of her child.

Main Image: theyange