Lasizwe checks himself into a mental wellness facility

This morning, Youtuber and reality television star Lasizwe Dambuza announced that he had checked himself into a mental wellness facility.

“One thing about me, I am not shy to express how I feel. I have checked in myself into a Mental Health Wellness Facility,” he posted.

Furthermore, he reveals that he has not been okay for the past months. “I haven’t been okay for the past months. I have been so depressed. I have decided to fight this by taking a break and dealing with this 1 on 1.”

In a follow-up tweet that has since been deleted, it was revealed that Dambuza would be off social media, and his team would manage his page and posts.

“Due to Lasizwe being off the socials, his page and posts will be managed by his team within this period because of contractual obligations that have to be adhered to. Kindly keep him in your prayers during this time,” the tweet read.

lasizwe mental

Fans and friends have flooded his timeline with messages of support.

Main Image: ZAlebs