MacG goes international, interviews Ari Lennox American R&B singer

MacG is going global now. He is done messing around with the local celebs only. In his recent interview, the nation’s number 1 podcast was hosting the American singer Ari Lennox, real name Courtney Shanade Salter.

But that didn’t go without controversy as usual. Lennox started the interview to an uncomfortable start with MacG asking who might be ‘smashing her’ right now. A question that got MacG trending shortly after the interview premiered.

Who is Ari Lennox?

Ari Lennox (30), is an American R&B singer from Washington, D.C. She is the first female artist to be signed to J. Cole’s record label, Dreamville Records.

She first began gaining recognition after the release of her first EP Pho on the label.

Watch the latest MacG interview with Ari Lennox

MacG Qouted a lyric of that woman he didn’t just jump on her with explicit questions

Y’all have been waiting for him to slip up so y’all can drag him

Ninyile shem!!!

— ChrisExcel (@ChrisExcel102) January 18, 2022

MacG never disappoints on good content, stop the hate mense!

— Bafana Modise (@ModiseBafana) January 18, 2022

Rappers constantly rap about smashing, fucking, pussy this pussy that but they never get heavily criticised for “disrespecting women”.
MacG ask someone who they fuck/Fucking and people pretend to be angry, y’all need to chill.

— Prophet Reushiri 👀👍🏿 (@ReuRambauOnline) January 18, 2022

A re gane MacG & Sol have created a platform where they are untouchable.. Mara they need to stop acting like horny teens and chill out with hyper-sexual talks and dick jokes.. it’s getting annoying. Maybe I’m just sensitive.. 🤷🏾‍♂️

— Mateu 👑 (@Mattthieu_m) January 18, 2022

Things I picked up from this interview:
1. MacG’s first question was crass but in the culture of the Podcast and Chill, right on brand. Also these were her own lyrics.
2. Ari Lennox clearly has not watched this podcast nor knows its nature judging by how she answered questions.

— 🍑🌻Lisa Mncube🌻🍑 (@Lisa_dust10) January 18, 2022

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