Max Lichaba slaps Sophie’s son Lwandle with a R500 000 lawsuit

Sophie Ndaba’s ex-husband Max Lichaba has bossed up and decided to sue Sophie’s son, Lwandle Ndaba after he released all his files in a song.

In a released statement sent to the Instagram news site, maphephandaba, Max said that the reporting and comments that are claimed to be said by him have been completely taken out of context especially when it comes to his relationship with Sophie.

“I wish to confirm that I have the utmost respect for her, her businesses and family, and in no manner have I, nor will I deliberately harm or make myself guilty of any conversation of our mutual understanding”

Max said he fully supports the organisations and campaigns that are promoting awareness for violence against women and children, “I distance myself from any allegations to this effect and confirm my support to these campaigns. Any allegations against me, to this effect, is denial and  dismissed with the contempt it deserves.”

Max then went on to address the song that Lwandle put out, putting his step-father on blast. Max said that what Lwandle did is regrettable that he went as far as publishing untruthful, serious and damaging statements to advance his career at Max’s expense.

“I have sought legal advise on the matter and any allegations or insinuations  created by the song are denied. Mr. Ndaba will have an opportunity to prove his statements in court as these allegations are viewed in a serious light. I reiterate that the contents of the song referring to me and my relationship with Ms. Ndaba or any insinuations created are vehemently denied”

Read the rest of the statement below:

In August, Max spoke to TshisaLive and said he and Sophie had been in a loveless marriage for as long as he could remember.

He admitted to cheating saying he is in search of the right woman, and Sophie was not that woman. They had unfortunately fallen out of love.

“My marriage for a very long time, there was no marriage. I’m not a monster, I’ve never been a monster. Yes maybe, as women go through certain men to find the perfect man, I’ve been doing that. I’ve been going through two or three people to find ‘Miss Right’ and that doesn’t make me a monster,” he told the publication.

He then added that Lwandle should stay in his own lane, “I raised the boy. I still have much love for him and I hope he can leave grown people’s business and focus on his talent in music,” Max said, adding all the things he has done for him out of love.

Max had previously told Sunday World that he has women in his life, so he does not see himself abusing Sophie. Even though he admitted to cheating, he denied the abuse allegations

“First, I am not going to comment on this song, what I can tell you is I have never in my life beaten up a woman and I am not about to do that as I have kids who are girls and I have a sister too. My matter with Sophie is at the high court for divorce and that is all I can say,” he told the publication.

He also added, “I am not sure who will ever in my family want to harm the child I raised and took to school with my own money; the child I taught how to drive a car. When he was sick, I would take him to the doctor. I do not think any of my family will want to do that to him or Sophie,” he responded.

According to Independent Online, Max allegedly maintained in court papers that he had suffered societal prejudice and that he suffered damages that amounted to R500 000.Main Image:

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