Melusi Dlamini ‘Zolisa Xaluva’ dumps Gomora

It never rains but pours for Mzansi Magic’s most-watched drama series Gomora. The drama series has been trending after confirmed reports have it that its firebrand Zolisa Xaluva is leaving the show after having a fallout with one of the producers.

Zolisa plays the on-screen character of Principal Melusi Dlamini. Confirmed reports have it that the seasoned actor will exit through arrest as he will hand himself to the police and confess his bad deeds.

Gomora actor Melusi Dlamini 'Zolisa Xaluva' : Image Credit @Instagram
Gomora actor Melusi Dlamini ‘Zolisa Xaluva’ : Image Credit @Instagram

He will confess to the killing of Phumlani, who was married to Thati. Melusi wrecked her marriage with Gladys for Thati. The award-winning actor undoubtedly joins a host of seasoned actors who have dumped the drama series in the eleventh hour. In recent years we have seen showrunners killing off characters through arrests of late.

Melusi Dlamini ‘Zolisa Xaluva’ dumps Gomora, reasons behind exit revealed

A few weeks ago, fast-rising actor Teddy opened up about the working conditions on Gomora. In an interview with controversial podcaster MacG, he reviewed several issues about Melusi on set. The bubbly actor dived casts contracts and how the showrunners call the shots.


We are yet to hear from the actor and Gomora about his exit, but several sources have confirmed his exit. Sources close to the actor have it that he is already shooting his exit scenes after the actor had a fallout with one of the producers. Rumour mill has it that the actor felt he was being disrespected, and salary woes have also been implicated in the mix. In the wake of his exit news little is known about his future.

Gomora actor Melusi Dlamini 'Zolisa Xaluva' : Image Credit @Instagram
Gomora actor Melusi Dlamini ‘Zolisa Xaluva’ : Image Credit @Instagram

However, spoiler alerts fueled his exit after his storyline was not included in the following teasers. It seems as if the celebrated star actor we all love to hate is signing out from Gomora for good. Mzansi awaits for his much talked about exciting scenes that are said to be capped with drama and thrills. Rumour mill also confirmed the exit of Ama Qamata. The bubbly actress starred as Buhle Ndaba and has since gone awol on our small screens after hearing her uncle Phumlani ordering a hit.

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