Oh Gosh! Joe Budden’s dirty secret exposed!

We know ladies are definitely going to take time accepting the fact that their crush, Joe Burden is an animal molester. The American broadcaster’s dirty ways were exposed and Twitter is not happy!

Social media went into a frenzy last night after leaked documents filed by Joe Budden’s former girlfriend Cyn Santana revealed that the rapper was in the habit of molesting his dog at home.

American Broadcaster, Joe Budden Masturbates His Dogs

His fans and followers are disappointed and outraged by a lot of controversies he has been involved in lately since he revealed he was leaving Spotify.

In a video that disclosed online documents, Joe Budden can be heard discussing the idea of masturbating his own dog in the absence of a canine partner to release its sexual tensions.

In the clip, which is an extract from an episode of one of Joe’s podcasts, he says, “anybody with a pet – come on, you did a little something down there that makes the dog feel good.”

Twitter was quick to react, fueling Cyn Santana’s account of one instance noted in her application for custody of her child, where she says Budden lacks boundaries and sometimes masturbates his dogs.

Cyn Santana and Joe Budden are currently going through a nasty court case, fighting for the custody of their son.

Main Image: Billboard