Things heat up between Nasty C and a twitter user!

What started as an innocent topic about Nasty C’s rap style, turned into a serious twitter twar that saw the rapper unleash his clap back/dissing skills!

This comes after a twitter user said that even though she had "a crush" on Nasty, she didn't like that he preferred rapping only in English.

Lungelo Aeries Magwa @aeries_njinji2 wrote:

‘’@Nasty_CSA I agree DJ Bongz. I have a crush on Nasty but this Eng only thng tjoo.’’ [sic]

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This statement didn’t sit quite well with Nasty C, who then replied with a string of harsh tweets.

"1. That's not Dj Bongz. 2. If you feel you don't relate or enjoy my music, by all means, stop listening coz u won't  and can't change it," he tweeted.

While Nasty suggested that people do their research before they can lambaste him, he also referred to some of his Zulu tracks like Amambara, and made it clear that he would not rap to prove a point to anyone.

‘’Do ur research. I have a few songs where I rap in Zulu.. how come they never made it to ur ears?? .. 🤔well that's the question, isn't it….’’ [sic]

The rapper also added: ‘’Naw.. I know my potential and that's not where it lies. I'm not here to waste your time with average meaningless raps just to prove points.’’

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