Think R500k before accusing Bonang of sniffing snow: Youtuber Rae Gopane apologizes

We’d say ‘think twice’ before accusing Bonang of sniffing snow, but twice is not even half of what she’s going to charge you when a defamation of character lawsuit lands on your doorstep.

Rae Gopane knows that better than anyone else and has taken to his social media to tender a public apology to media personality, Bonang Matheba. The model called out Rae for dragging her into the mud severally and now Bonang is not taking it easy on him as she takes legal actions.

Rea mentioned, during their conversation about AKA and his late fiancé Anele ‘Nelli’ Tembe, that TV and radio host Siyabonga ‘Scoop’ Ngwekazi had told them that AKA is on cocaine and he was introduced to the drugs by Bonang Matheba.

Bonang however stated that she is ready to take legal actions towards Rae’s accusation.

Well, it looks like Rae is not ready for such action as he tenders public apology to Queen B revealing he regrets any inconvenience caused to the star by his words.

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Main Image: radioandmusic