Watch as Connie Ferguson receives a Queen’s welcome in Zimbabwe

In style, Zimbabwe welcomed one of Mzansi’s most decorated actresses, Connie Ferguson. In the afternoon, she arrived at the Robert Mugabe International Airport for a business summit with Nedbank and partners. Crowds engulfed the fifty-one-year-old actress and businesswoman as they sang and danced to show their love. A few days ago, she was in Botswana meeting the businesswomen in her native country before leaving for Zimbabwe.

Connie is a focused businesswoman aiming high and exploring new markets. From rocking South Africa and Botswana with business, she is now exploring Zimbabwe. Surely Zimbabweans know the profile she carried, and she deserved such a huge welcome.

Zimbabwe welcomes Connie Ferguson in style
Connie Ferguson – Image Credit:

Zimbabwe welcomes Connie Ferguson at the Robert Mugabe International Airport.

Nedbank Businesswomen conference officials welcomed Connie at the airport. She was wearing a simple blue and white tracksuit. The event organisers had assembled a group of traditional dancers, and singers that made the welcome top class. She later onboarded the car as she detailed her programme in Zimbabwe. On that evening, she held a business dinner at the Meikles hotel in Harare. She also attended the Nedbank Women in Business Conference held in Avondale as a primary guest.

Watch as Connie Ferguson receives a Queen’s welcome in Zimbabwe

Despite coming from a different business to acting, most of her TV fans loved to see the veteran actress live. They all came in numbers to have that little moment with their much loved Harriet Khoza of The Queen. On the other side, the businesswomen in Zimbabwe felt uplifted by the visit of the successful Ferguson films owner. One attendee of the Businesswomen conference Tinoda Moyo said that she learnt a lot from Connie. She noted that Connie’s humour and humility made it possible for the young business ladies to approach her and get a few points.