Cheating again? Norma Gigaba allegedly smashes Malusi’s G-Wagon!

While Norma and Malusi Gigaba are a perfect example of wedded bliss, social media is convinced that behind closed doors, the couple are dealing with several scandals. Cheating rumours have resurfaced again and this time around, the Minister’s expensive G-Wagon has paid the price!

Norma Gigaba once forgave Malusi after the then Home Affairs Minister embarked on a secret affair with Instagram model and socialite Buhle Mkhize in 2015. But Norma wasn’t going to let Malusi’s indiscretion ruin their marriage. Norma at the time of the cheating scandal had said: “I told myself I’m not sinking with this thing; I’m going to rise above it….I love him very much and I’m not bitter.”

However clearly something is not right in their relationship if this lastest stunt is anything to go by.

A video of what is alleged to be the politician’s car is making the rounds on social media. The G Wagon has been keyed, vandalised and the words “cheater” are writen all over it. Rumour has it that the former minister is cheating again and his wife has had enough. However nothing has been verified.

While some tweeps questioned the authenity of the video, social media investgators were quick to pull the receipts.

Not only did she allegedly ruin his car she has also deleted all his pictures on her social media pages.

Did you know his G63 AMG costs around R3 086 653? Imagine the cost to repair it!

Main Image: SA People